Documents:  Disclosures
The Disclosure Statement contains important information about the Association for prospective home buyers.  It not only describes the governing documents of the Association, but also provides information that is not included in the governing documents.  Some examples of this information is listed below
  • Names of Directors and Officers
  • Name and Address of the Association's Resident Agent
  • Description of the Common Property
  • Description of Property Dedicated to Public Use
  • Description of Easements
  • Insurance Coverage
Much of the information contained herein is required for disclosure by the seller to the buyer by the Maryland Homeowners Association Act (MHAA). The MHAA has different disclosure requirements for a lot offered for initial sale versus one that is offered as a resale. In general, the requirements for an initial sale are much more encompassing. This Disclosure Statement includes both types of disclosure information even though all lots are only subject to resale.
Because our Disclosure Statement is meant to be used by our Association members in connection with the sale of their home, they are password protected.  If you are an Overlook homeowner and do not have the password, please contact our Board of Directors using the link on our website homepage.
Disclosure Statement
Disclosure Package - Contents